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OmegaChain has been proudly providing high-quality products and services globally since January 2018. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

The blockchain technology is being actively adopted by finance, retail, insurance, and other industries as it helps to achieve well-established workflows through simplifying record/identity management, transaction processing, goods provenance and traceability. By excluding an intermediary, the technology also allows for minimizing or eliminating the counterparty risks, as well as reducing overhead costs, transaction time, and the related fees

We build enterprise applications, we are the blockchain development company with deep understanding of supply chains, IoT and cloud services. We build dApps faster and risk-free.


Blockchain Development Benefits That We Offer

It could be a golden opportunity for those who are looking a perfect development partner to take their blockchain based system development idea to be a perfectly working and existing business solutions.

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How Blockchain Work

The blockchain is the word formed with two different words, i.e., Block and Chain. We can say that it is a chain of various blocks that are attached to one and the other. Each block contains “their data,” “hash” and the “hash of the previous block.”


But implementing hash is not sufficient to protect against tampering, the technology is so advanced that it can calculate thousands of hashes every second. You can temper with the block and can recalculate the hash of other blocks so that the blockchain can turn out to be valid again. To prevent this, blockchain uses Proof of Work. PoW is the mechanism that lowers the processing of new block creation. It needs some time to add a new block to the chain after the required proof of work calculation. This makes nearly impossible to cheat with a block if anyone tries to do so, then to validate the block, has to recalculate PoW for all the following blocks. The creative use of proof-of-work mechanism and hashing has made it so secure that now these days, all size business are turning their business operations to be operated over blockchain based software, applications, and other IT solutions.
The business leaders who are planning to introduce blockchain management solutions into their business operations, for them Sara Technologies is an unmatched choice that will help them from the initial planning to the final launching into their business operations. Using our blockchain solutions, your business can reach the peak of business success and achieve the extraordinary results.


Blockchain Development Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

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  • Identify the potential of blockchain for your business

  • Market research and the project’s feasibility assessment

  • Analysis of blockchain platforms, tools, and right features prioritization


  • Wireframes and low and high fidelity designs

  • System Blueprint and Technical Component definition

  • User Stories and Database design


  • Identify ideal use cases for the blockchain application

  • Scalable and reliable product

  • Testing blockchain deployment



  • Permissioned/Public Blockchain on-premise

  • Permissioned/Public Blockchain on the cloud

  • Hybrid Blockchain Model on-premise/on the cloud


  • Monitor and support new OS release

  • Manage 3rd party upgrades

  • Maintain new releases


  • Migrate existing app to the blockchain

  • Upgrade and deploy smart contracts

  • Keep business processes running with no downtime


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