Crypto Forensics Services

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Bitcoin Forensics

De-anonymize Cryptocurrency Transactions and Wallets
Most cryptocurrency users are law-abiding people with a variety of legitimate reasons for wanting an anonymous, decentralized method of payment and storing wealth. Nonetheless, the anonymity of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin makes it an attractive tool for criminals who want to keep shady business and illicit funds transfers secret. The catch-22 is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and their associated data create a cyber trail that can make a criminal’s entire financial history public information. Omegachain delivers solutions for Financial Investigation Units wish to capitalize on this pseudo-anonymous aspect of Bitcoin. Investigators can trace the movement of money through the Bitcoin economy to identify, investigate, apprehend and convict criminals.


Cryptocurrency Forensics

Omegachain Cryptocurrency Forensic Services Division assists with the Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency theft, fraud and money laundering, ensures regulatory compliance and offers auditing assurance.

Our clients include conglomerates, personal beauty company, youth services organisations, electrical contractors and Government.

Carrying out investigations, taking criminal and civil remedies,
performing due diligence, asset recovery and plugging the holes
with a prevention strategy


OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Investigations

Every time your employees, the senior management team and your board of directors use the Internet they leave behind a digital footprint. Be it their comments on social media, a Skype call, an app or an email sent – their online history can be seen, tracked and exploited. While many businesses are focussing their resources on implementing internal security controls, very few are turning their attention to monitoring the threats posed to their company by the manipulation of readily available data. Omegachain can provide Open Source Intelligence to help increase your security and track your internet footprint.

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is now often the first resort when investigating and trying to prevent fraud.


Financial Scam, Due Diligence and Awareness Investigations

Our extensive experience of tackling financial crime and fraud has taught us the importance of acting quickly and getting expert assistance. Achieving a rapid response can be critical to the success of any investigation.

Our team brings together fraud and financial crime experts with a range of backgrounds in criminal investigations, forensic accounting and forensic computing and are skilled at conducting sensitive financial investigations. We regularly conduct large-scale, complex investigations for the UK's leading law enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, as well as for corporations, major banks, foreign governments and law firms.