Omegachain Foundation

The Full Story

Omegachain Foundation  (formerly BDP Foundation) is part of Omegachain Group, and together we aim to be the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. We are a specialist ‘one stop shop’ for students and teachers, empowering young people to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for work and in life.

Omegachain Foundation is part of the Omegachain Group, and we educate and empower individuals and young people to grow up with the life skills, knowledge and confidence they need to successfully earn and manage money.

Omegachain Foundation (Formerly BDP Foundation), supports educators and parents in developing the financial capability of the young people they are working with. We aim to be the most trusted and valued provider of knowledge, resources and training to anyone concerned with children and young people how to manage money.

We’re here to support youth organisations, schools, colleges and universities by providing expert advice and high-quality educational resources that will engage and inspire. We aim to be the most trusted provider of knowledge, resources and support for those teaching about ICT and money.

Omegachain Foundation’s work is underpinned by both government policy and independent reviews affirming the need for ICT and personal finance education. Omegachain Foundation campaigns for consistent, quality ICT and personal finance education for children and young people across the UK and shares its expert knowledge of ICT and personal finance education to influence education policy.


What We Aim To Do

Work with schools and youth organisations- 

Omegachain Foundation delivers a range of resources and support to make teaching ICT & money management easy.  We know that each youth organisation, school, academy or college is unique and needs to find its own solution to meeting the requirements of its learners.   We believe that trained teachers provide the most effective route to young people becoming financially capable as they know their pupils best and understand how to integrate ICT and personal finance education into lessons. 

Influence education policy and improving practice –

Omegachain Foundation has a grassroots approach to getting entities to better understand  ICT and financial mechanisms, enhance and improve their lives.

Work in partnership to improve the quality and quantity of personal finance education 

Omegachain Foundation receives cross-sector support from education, business and government.  Innovative projects enable young people to learn in ways that are relevant and engaging, supporting young people to become more confident.  The Omegachain Foundation Quality Mark ensures that teachers can use resources, sure in the knowledge that they will meet educational objectives. 

Planning and Teaching – What is ICT and financial education?

  • We believe that ICT and financial education should start from an early agein schools and educational environments

  • ICT and personal finance education is most effective when delivered as a planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences designed to increase their ICT and financial capability of all pupils from every social and cultural background

  • Primary level can benefit from an introduction to ICT & money into a variety of schemes

  • At secondary level, increase engagement by using real life scenarios

  • It should include an understanding of how money affects feelings and personal well being

  • Children are interacting with ICT and money earlier and earlier- like mobile phones and buying online